Samplers – Begin!

the samplers have begun! or, at least the first couple of blocks have started to come together… there’s plenty more where that came from!

but i thought i’d give you a run down of my plans, and expand on my previous post a bit. so here’s more details on the breakdown:

the blocks

copied from my previous post, here’s linkies to all the blocks that will be inspiring my samplers:

Quilt 1 Quilt 2 Quilt 3
disappearing 4-patch spider web star the letter ‘e’
interlocking squares circle of geese maple leaf
card trick 8 point star bird patchwork
dresden √ minnesota block  change the ‘noel’ to ‘love’
drunkard’s path starburst diamond ticker tape randomness
cathedral pinwheel crossed star airplane block

the minnesota block is the only one i’ve actually finished. but i’ve started on the ticker tape randomness block as well. plus, now i have all my block styles decided upon. (the airplane block on quilt 3 used to be TBD)

the colors

quilt 3 is sort of my family sampler. our last name starts with ‘e’, i love all maple trees and birds, Hubs and i are both aerospace engineers (hence the airplane block), and **the ticker tape randomness won’t actually be random. it’ll be scraps and snippets from all my favorite projects to date, like little snap shots from those times in my life and those loved ones who the project was gifted to. i took a picture of the planned layout already. see below. so anyways, as a family themed quilt, i’m going to use our wedding colors as the main scheme: red and yellow. i’m currently thinking white sashing, but i’m not completely decided on that. no matter what, my stash doesn’t have that many reds, so i’m toying with the idea of making this a “warm” quilt.

Ticker Tape Randomness Block

quilt 2 is my star sampler, incase you didn’t notice from all the “stars” in the block names. the color scheme for this one was inspired by my friend Amanda who is a very talented professional photographer. she recently shot a wedding with the colors kelly green and navy blue. i love those colors, both apart and together, and i have a decent amount (or at least SOMETHING) of each in my stash, so that’s the combo i’m going with for the star sampler. i think some bright white sashing will really help all those stars pop (as if they won’t already)! if quilt 3 is the “warm” quilt, this one will definitely be the “cool” one!

Minnesota Block

quilt 1, the geometric sampler, doesn’t really have any major underlying theme or heartfelt idea behind it. it’s got curves and straight lines, circles and squares and diamonds, an amalgam of block styles really. as such, i’m going to make it a scrappy rainbow of colors and just say “anything goes” on there. that should help keep it fun and cheap, because i’ve got plenty of scraps and pretty prints!

the quilting

i’m also hoping to use these samplers as a way to practice / perfect my FMQ technique. i’d love to have each quilt, or even each block, showcase a different FMQ style. there are definitely some great samplers and tutorials already out there, like the ones here and here. but honestly, i’m not really thinking that far ahead yet.

how do you get more practice and add to your abilities?

2 thoughts on “Samplers – Begin!

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