WIP 14 – Leggings & Such

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

i LOVE completing a project! the best way to get that feeling: do a small project as a break from your big one(s)! it’s totally reinvigorating!

examples: the soft & simple quilt (debuting online next week after it’s gifted!) and this week’s fresh project, leggings for my LO!

that’s not ALL i’ve been working on though; check it out:


— leggings for the LO – used this tutorial found via pinterest and an old cami top whose straps bit the dust. picture below in the “done” section!

— tailored shirt 2 – i made a shirt i already own a bit more fitted. details in the “done” section.


— cathedral window pillows – continuing! i am now completely finished with the hand stitching on TWO of 4 pillow covers! exciting, i know! the third has all the pieces put together, but no hand stitching, and the fourth has yet to be assembled. these are coming together nicely and i’m optimistic that i’ll have them all done in time to gift them to the LO’s great grandparents for Christmas!

ready to serve:

— leggings for my LO – these came together in less than an hour, seriously! i even added some ruffling on the bottoms because they came out too long. the butt-section is a little big too, so i figure as she gets taller and grows into them, i can just remove the ruffling!

Leggings for my LO

— tailored shirt 2 – i was given a softball-style shirt from my sister last year, but it was too big around the torso. and it’s got 3/4 sleeves so i don’t have much reason to wear it in FL. but it’s finally starting to cool down (to the lower 80s instead of 90s all the time) so i decided to take the shirt in a bit so that i would actually wear it. this also allowed me to test out my new double needle so i could keep the shirt semi-stretchy. worked like a charm!

back burner:

— BSUQ – a quilt requested by my Hubby, how could i say no? plus i get to try out this awesome stencil quilting style pioneered by Dan Rouse!  i haven’t made any progress on this lately since i’ve been working on the cathedral window pillows, so that’s why it’s moved to the back burner. sad i know.

BSUQ Bronco Stenciling

— comforter quilt – i keep thinking about this one because i’m so excited to finish off the last couple of blocks and get them all squared up. after that it’s time to play with the layout! i’ll make sure to post layout ideas once i get to that point.

— memory game – about half the pieces are pretty much done, but i haven’t actually gotten any DONE done yet. too bad too, since the LO is getting better at grabbing toys and inspecting them, i think she’d get a kick out of the game pieces

— Hubby’s tailored shirt – no progress, still need to hem the bottom


new – 2
complete – 2
total in work – 5

what are you working on?

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