Why SS Appliances Are Bad

stainless steel appliances may look nice in theory, but in my world, refrigerators are nothing without their magnets.

i really wish we had enough space to put some of these awesome mini-polaroids up!


Tiny Polaroid Magnets by Ambrosia Girl Creative Graphic Designer

image of Tiny Polaroid Magnets by Ambrosia Girl Creative Graphic Designer


as you may have guessed, our fridge is stainless steel. that was one battle i lost. on top of having less magnet space, they’re harder to keep clean. but the Hubs wanted a clean looking fridge, so he got it. and HE’s the one who has to keep all the drips and fingerprints off it (which of course only happens once in a blue moon).

i just think it’s nice to have a spot where we can keep important things handy, such as the non-emergency number for our local sherriff’s office, the number for our veterinarian, and the number for our pediatrician.

and i can’t imagine NOT having a place to display our Little One’s beautiful art creations and (hopefully) high scoring school works!

i hope we work something out before that milestone reaches us, because i like my fridge space!

with what little space we DO have, i’ve been sure to optimize. ¬†of course, there’s the obligatory dieting-related magnet:

and a few pictures of loved ones:

i just wish there was room for more little goodies.

what’s on your fridge?


4 thoughts on “Why SS Appliances Are Bad

  1. You can put a thin layer of olive oil over the stainless and it keeps the fingerprints from showing easily! Although it backfired for us- our dog would sit and lick the fridge to get the oil LOL. So we would have half nice and half all licked up hahaha… I wonder what the “new” trend in appliance color/styles will be in 10-20 years??

  2. Agreed! A fridge needs magnets. We were able to settle on the Stainless Steel lookalike fridge for our kitchen.

    We buy magnets as our souvenirs on the vacations and work trips we take. Somehow we forgot to buy one in Hawaii. I guess we have to go back!

  3. i haven’t heard the olive oil trick. we just periodically use “barkeeper’s best friend” to clean up the front of the fridge and dishwasher. and by “we” i mean “Hubs”. it’ll definitely be interesting to find out the future appliance trends. just thinking of some of the small appliances i grew up with makes me giggle. like an olive green rotary phone and a faux wood-box black and white tv. but hey, what my parents saved by not buying new appliances every 5 or 10 years was used for us kids. so who can complain?

  4. Kristina, i was hoping to convince the Hubby that the SS look alike would be good enough, but he’s a stickler.

    ooo, sounds like a good enough reason to go back to Hawaii! i’ll take any reason; i’ve never been!

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