Bathroom Tamers

so, here’s a belated update(/reveal even though there are one or two minor things left to polish up) on how our bathroom turned out after one little project turned into many (and what should have been about $40 spent turned into more than it probably should have!).

the paint went up well, and is looking pretty spiffy after two coats!  here’s the big, beautiful, bright, blue wall above our garden tub (before the light fixtures went up so don’t mind my horribly lit picture):

Above the Tub

the light fixtures were actually just about the cheapest ones we could find.  happened to be at Lowe’s.  but being cheapest isn’t always a bad thing. they were also the ones we liked the most that were within our budget!

Lowes Lights

we even went above and beyond what i thought we’d do, and added a hook for our bathrobes.  now instead of hanging over the door and weighing that down (or being out of easy reach if the door is shut after we get out of the shower) we’ve got our robes handy, and we’ve moved the cheap-o over the door hooks to another room where they may or may not be allowed to stay.

Robe Hook

yes, that’s where the broom and dustpan live.  they get more use in here than anywhere else in the house since this is where the cats’ litterbox is (hence the towel over the door to keep it from shutting) and it’s where i cut Hubby’s hair every 2-3 weeks. we don’t mind having them there, in fact we hardly notice them since the door naturally swings open and hides them.

did you notice how the picture above shows how the two blues work together. the light blue is a LOT lighter than the blue we used in our shower/toilet nook, but it’s actually kind of nice that way for late night trips to the bathroom (of which there are many since i’m pregnant). we like how it turned out!

and last, but not least of course, there’s the towel bars. the beginning, the end, the one thing that became many.  this arrangement is SO much more convenient!

Towel Bars

don’t mind the painter’s tape on the edge of the vanity.  that’s where Hubs still needs to do another layer of edging. once that’s finished, this bathroom beast will have been completely domesticated! for now…

we love the changes in our bathroom, how about you?

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