Bathroom Beast

have any of you (two lucky readers) ever had a project in mind that started out simple but grew and grew?

that’s how the story of rearranging and replacing the towel bars in our master bathroom turned into new towel bars, new wall paint, and new light fixtures for our master bathroom.

here’s the scoop:

the towel bars in the 2 full baths of the house are arranged (i think) rather stupidly.  they’re right above one another. (this is actually a shot of the guest bathroom’s towel bars because we’d already ripped ours down by the time i thought to get a picture, but the master’s were arranged exactly the same!)

Stacked Towel Bars

that meant if hubby is sloppy hanging up his towel, then i couldn’t find the bar to put mine up to dry. sounds like a minor inconvenience, but it’s really annoying to deal with on an almost daily basis. (no, we don’t shower daily. call the hygiene police!) it’s also a rather ugly arrangement. it turns the towels into these massive blocks of mismatching color that take up a huge chunk of wall.

so this moving-of-the-towel-bars project has been on our to-do list pretty much since we moved in. this needs to happen in both bathrooms really, but since the master is the only one used daily, we opted to start there.

but we definitely didn’t end there.

taking down the original towel bars meant we had 4 lovely holes in our drywall.  with a little creative patchwork, those were filled with pieces of drywall left from our shower renovation. (yay for being packrats and saving useably sized scraps!) then the gaps and screws were covered with drywall putty.

the work with the drywall putty was actually more extensive than just filling up gaps and covering screws.  we also filled holes left by the previous owner’s wall hanging decor.

here’s problem #1: drywall putty gets sanded smooth and we have textured walls.

solution: wall texture from a spray can! we got ours at HD, but they don’t have it on their website; here’s another website that shows what we used. hubby tested it out on a piece of cardboard (per package directions, see pic below) and then went to town. it blended rather nicely with what was already there!

Texture Spray Testing

but then we ran into problem #2: 4 big ol’ white spots on our solid painted wall!

4 Holes Patched

solution: re-paint!

this is something else that’s been on our to-do list almost since the move-in: paint the master bathroom.  it was this mucky greenish brownish blah that i have a feeling we’ll be seeing enough of when the baby arrives.  we didn’t want to go with anything quite so saturated as the shower/toilet area or most of the walls in our master bedroom, but we liked those colors.  so we decided to go with a lighter version of what’s in the shower/toilet area.  we lightened Behr‘s “Yacht Harbor” to Behr’s “Coastal Mist”.  here’s a side-by-side i built from color swatches on their website:

Side-by-Side Swatches

while prepping for the painting, we came across another project we’ve been putting off, problem #3: cheap, ugly light fixtures!

Cheap, Ugly Light Fixtures

solution: take ’em down!  this was pretty easy and made a TON of difference. we filled up the holes left by the wall anchors with drywall putty (awesome stuff) and when they were dry, they got painted too!

taking them down was really only half the solution though, because we have no idea what to put up there when the paint dries!

any suggestions?

Painting In Progress

sorry for the horrible lighting in this last shot. remember, we took down all the light fixtures in the room to paint!

4 thoughts on “Bathroom Beast

  1. lol, YES – Lots of projects start out small and then get bigger. I call them ‘the might as wells”. I did our nursery back in the day. Removing paneling installed by the previous owner of the house turned into all new drywall, electrical and insulation. It was really nice when done but took a lot longer than a simple paint job.

    Have fun finishing the bathroom.


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