Quilt Show

i’ve had a few ‘firsts’ this weekend.

one was attending my first-ever quilt show! it was supposed to be just me going, but then our almost-2-year-old daughter wouldn’t let me get dropped off alone so it was a family outing. we saw some fabulous quilts (if i can manage to get the pics off my phone, i’ll post them on here) and bought a little kit to make a toy from foam blocks. not sure yet if that’ll be a toy for our own Little One or if it’ll be gifted, so details to come.

the other ‘first’ was first time in a long time that i’ve gotten a quilt to progress as quickly as i did this weekend. i’m working on a quilt for a dear friend who’s expecting her first child, a girl. it’s not a big quilt, which helped it come together fast, but it’s also a great one (if i do say so myself). can’t wait to finish it off and then send it away so i can share the goods with you (the few of you who actually read this anymore).

so, plus side: yay quilt show and quilt progress! down side: nothing to share with you fine people… yet.

what teaser posts have you been drafting lately?

Big Girl Quilt Top: Done!

i’ve mentioned before, numerous times, the comforter quilt i’m working on for my daughter. it’s going to be comforter sized with some decent draping for a twin mattress (which seems HUGE to me as i’m putting it together). but it’s looking good so far!

lucky me: i got some sewing in over the past few weekends and finally got the top all put together!


Comforter Quilt Top: Done!

i’m super excited, though you wouldn’t really know it since i haven’t done ANYTHING since finishing the top. oh well. my daughter’s not even 2 years old yet, and nowhere near ready for a big girl bed… i’ve got time.

what big milestone have you reached recently?

update: linking up to Lee’s WIP Wednesday! go check out what others have done and leave some love for them! and/or join us and be a link-er-upper too!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

What a Difference a Day Makes

today’s my birthday. i convinced my hubby that all i wanted was a day off work to do whatever i wanted. we thought about making a lunch date, just the two of us, but there’s no movies out right now i want to see badly enough to spend $20 a person to see.

instead, i’m enjoying myself while

  • taking a luxurious shower
  • tidying the house
  • doing laundry (yes, cleaning is a perk for me since we’re too busy to do it otherwise!)
  • sewing
    • the Little One’s quilt top is approaching completion! pictures soon!
  • watching movies
    • watching Star Trek for the thousandth time and loving it
  • going thrift shopping
    • hoping to score a decent but inexpensive toddler table and chairs set
  • and trolling facebook

if i allow myself, i might spend some time playing WoW, but it’s such a time-hog that i want to make sure i get the most out of my day instead of being stuck to the computer screen the entire time.

i’m also hoping to do some introspection. my current job technically ends at the end of February and i don’t currently have anything lined up. there may be an opportunity to continue working for my current company, or maybe hiring on with a new company coming into the area, but i also want to make sure whatever happens will be good for our family (financially) and me (sanity-wise).

it’ll be a busy, awesome day. i’m gonna get back to it! hope your day is great too, whether or not it’s your birthday!

what do you do for your birthday?

Quiet Book

if you follow me on Pinterest, you might have noticed the flood of quiet book-related pins lately. there’s good reason for that: i’m making one!

we’ve got an airplane ride coming up, and now that our Little One is walking everywhere and being bored faster, i thought something like this might help us keep her entertained without requiring volume or electronics.

some of my favorite inspiration pages showed

from some of the inspiration and instructions provided by those (and other) pins, came this cloth quiet book:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

i’m still looking for methods of binding that i like… more to come!

how do you keep your LO (or yourself) quiet in an airplane?

WIP 21 – Not a Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

i’m not going crazy, really i’m not. i know it’s not a wednesday. but i just need to get my brain sorted out before i lose another day’s worth of productive time on pinterest, facebook, and aimless internet wandering.

so here’s an “update” on my WIPs, copied from an old WIP post with some changes according to my (minimal) progress since then.

it’s not much, but if you’re hankering for more WIP action, head over to Lee’s Freshly Pieced link-up! click on the WIP button above to see all the lovely projects!

prepping (in development):

– flower girl dress for my daughter – not needed until October next year, but definitely already thinking about what i want to do with it (inspiration from this pin and this sweetheart dress tutorial)

– dress for me to wear to our friends’ wedding – not needed until October next year, but wondering if i will really have the time to pull off a hand-made outfit option (inspiration from this pin)

– more wardrobe additions for me and the LO — hoping to refashion some out-grown clothes of mine into awesomeness for either me or the Little One (or both!)

THIS (just above) is what i need more distinct direction on; right now i’m overwhelmed by the possibilities and don’t know where to start!

– activity quiet/soft book for the LO

mixing (new projects):

– quilt for Kaylee – friends are expecting their first bundle of joy (already named Kaylee) and i’m making her a small quilt; some minor quilting left to do before binding and sending it off

simmering (ongoing):

– nothin’ (since i haven’t really sat down and sewn in months)

ready to serve (complete):

– nap mats for the LO – she’s required to have a nap mat WITH pillow for daycare now that she’s moved from the infant room into the toddler room; i used a king-sized pillow sham on clearance from target as a great starting point; they (made 2) came together REALLY fast!

back burner (ongoing but low priority / no progress):

– sampler quilts – Minnesota Block is DONE! and the ticker tape block layout is figured out; more details here

– BSUQ – a quilt requested by my Hubby, meant to look like Boise State’s blue football field but with orange end zones and a big bronco logo in the center of it all; i’ve finished the stitching of the bronco; next i’ll be cutting orange pieces for the “end zones”

– Comforter Q – i KNOW the piecing of the blocks is complete and i think the blocks are all squared up and ready for layout

– monogram mini quilt – no progress, but gaining motivation

– advent calendar – pieced, quilted, awaiting binding and integration of some sort of hanging apparatus

– memory game – about half the pieces are pretty much done except for tucking loose threads away; i’ve finished about 3 pairs of these and the LO seems to like grabbing at them and trying to eat them

– doll quilt – honestly don’t remember this one; like, at all

– Hubby’s tailored shirt – no progress; still need to hem the bottom

non-sewing projects:

– finish writing in my travel journal about our recent trip to Washington DC

– write thank yous to friends who hosted us during our recent trip to DC

– review our Best Bottom cloth diapers for my friend the Cloth Diaper Guru to put on her blog (i’ve guest blogged there once before, did you see?)

– domestic responsibilities – such as clean the house, keep up with the laundry, clean up after the cats (litter gets EVERYWHERE!), etc.

– get some toddler-friendly crayons – need to start the LO on some crafty goodness

what are you working on?