Aching to be Active

i’d hoped to get back into some sort of an exercise regimen by now. who’d’ve thought a baby would take so much TIME and EFFORT?! well, duh, they take a lot of both, but they’re SO worth it!

anyways, i’ve been hoping to go jogging again. actually, i’d planned on restarting the couch-to-5k program with my new vibrams to sort of ease into them. but i cant’ leave the Little One home alone during the day, she’s not old enough or strong enough to handle being jostled in a jogging stroller yet, and Hubs usually has his own ideas of how to spend his off-work time. not to mention the heat and humidity that is a hellish constant of FL summers.  at least we’ve got the stroller already ($40 garage sale find!) for that magical day when she’s got enough head control to ride in it! it’s just sad and lonely sitting all folded up in the garage:

Jogging Stroller - Folded

my vibrams look pretty sad and lonely too, shoved down in the lower right of our shoe pile (those are hubby’s at the top left):


i’d love to take my mother’s day gift (new bike!) out for a spin, but we don’t have a bike trailer for babies. even if we did, they usually say recommended for 6 months old and up and we’ve got another 4 months before we reach that milestone!

Lonely Bike

luckily, there ARE some things i can do at home, while still taking care of the Little One. Hubs got a door-gym thing for christmas last year, so i’ve been thinking of using that for pull-ups, leg-lifts, and push-ups (taking it down for that of course).  we’ve also got an exercise ball, a pair of 25lb weights, and a pair of 3lb weights.

and Women’s Health magazine has a free workout app that i’ve loaded onto our iPod Touch. haven’t used that yet though.

but mainly, i’m planning on using our Wii Active game. i did a pre-planned workout on it yesterday, and i’m definitely feeling my legs today! (stupid lunges!) it’s got goals i can set for myself, pre-designed workouts for certain muscle groups or for a full-body workout, a journal function where you can record other activities as well as nutrition information (pizza doesn’t rank as high as carrots, who’d’ve thought?!), and it’s got a very encouraging voice that makes working out by myself almost as fun as working out with a personal trainer (not that i’ve ever done that).

we’ll see how well i stick to it though. since it has that journal ability, i was able to scroll back through time and see when i used it last: more than 2 years ago.  and i used it for about a week before letting it sit in the video game basket to collect dust. hopefully i can do better this time around!

what hurdles are you facing and how are you jumping over them to reach your goals?


what girl doesn’t love new shoes?! even not-so-girly-girls do! (Jane, you know what i’m talking about Miss I-Just-Bought-New-Ballet-Shoes-for-the-First-Time-in-Years!)

we just get excited about different types of shoes than the girly-girls do. for example, i am MUCH more likely to get excited about a good pair of broken-in hiking boots instead of a new pair of the latest Jimmy Choos.

so you can see, i’m definitely one of those not-so-girly-girls! and i’m DEFINITELY excited about my new shoes:

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila LS

they’re everything i wanted in a pair of vibrams from the first time i heard of this type of shoe! they’re made for running, cover the whole foot (no weird tan/dirt lines), comfy, easy to put on/take off, and not too flashy of a color. (though i wouldn’t have minded the gray and green color instead since green is my favorite!)

i don’t know about you, but i like to treat myself to new gear every once-in-a-while.  not only is it safer and healthier (gear used in ANY sport when it’s worn out or doesn’t fit right increases your potential for injury), but it’s also a form of motivation for me.  it’s easier to say to myself “let’s go for a run in my spiffy new shoes!” than it is to make myself lace up a grungy old pair of shoes that may or may not be past their prime.

and since running shoes (both traditional and these barefoot types) are around the same price, there’s no harm in getting a new pair occasionally!  actually, Hubby’s traditional pair is due for a replacement. (he alternates between traditional and his vibrams to give his calves/shins an occasional break as recommended)

but these Bikila LSs: they’re comfy, easier to put on than the traditional Bikilas (thanks to the elastic lacing) and DEFINITE conversation starters!  at almost every 5k i’ve ever run, we’ve seen someone wearing vibram fivefinger shoes and someone else chatting them up about them!

other items on my motivational work-out wish list are:

do you encourage yourself to work out by buying new gear? or am i the only one who sees that as an extra motivator?

since i can’t go anywhere near this topic without getting on my barefoot running soap box, here’s what i’ve got to say about that:  Continue reading

Couch-to-5k Hours of Pregnancy

i miss running.

wow, never thought i’d say that in my life! for a girl who used to loathe running, fear and loathe it with a passion, it’s just weird to see those words on the screen after being typed by MY fingers.

but we were doing SO well with our Couch to 5k running program.  we had a team name (Turtle Power!) and camaraderie, light competition and a huge helping of support, a schedule and goals.   we had races under our belts and more planned for the future.

and now i spend my days sitting at home cruising the internet, watching movies, quilting, doing chores, relaxing, and generally trying to savour the last bits of the decently enjoyable 2nd trimester of pregnancy before the 3rd trimester really starts to ruin my days (and nights, or so i’ve heard). i used to go from Couch to 5k runs, now i’m at 5k hours of pregnancy (which works out to be about 30 weeks or so… right where i’m at!)

but as i sit, debating getting out of my pajamas and actually accomplishing something today, i remember the breezes, the endorphins, the feeling of accomplishment, and the feeling of being capable.

it doesn’t help that Hubby is on an “i want to lose some of this sympathy weight” kick.  thanks Honey; at least ONE of us can choose to lose the weight whenever they want! so while i’m eating more, he’s endeavoring to eat less. while i relax and spend more and more time in bed asleep, he’s going for a daily run in addition to performing some at-home work-outs. he’s the one with a schedule and goals (the nearest of which is the upcoming Warrior Dash).

but i’m not angry with him.  i’m just envious. truly, i’m proud of him and happy for him. he’s taking action to keep his health and well-being in a good place so that he can continue to be the awesome and amazing bread-winner of the household, the rock, the foundation, the ying to my yang, the zig to my zag, the… yeah okay i’ll stop there.

is it the end of March yet so i can get this crazy kicking baby out of me and get back to my normal shape? i’ve got races to run! muscles to rebuild! and an urge to fall asleep flat on my back or on my stomach (neither of which i’m supposed to do!) or in whatever position i want!

From 3 to 30 Weeks

from finding out (3 weeks or so) to the most recent belly pic (taken at 30 weeks), i can't wait to get back to the pre-pregnancy me!

Behind Schedule

there’s all these things i’ve been meaning to do, and with the repeated nose-dives of my energy levels i’m not sure when i’ll get to them.  my goal/plan/wish is soon.

i’d like to get some more pictures of my ducky dress challenge all finished (here’s the most recent post about my progress with it, and the original post about it).  i’ve got a ‘big reveal’ post started, but can’t seem to get my ass off this chair and into the dress.  hopefully i can manage to squeeeeeze my not-quite-showing-pregnancy-belly into the dress this saturday for our friends’ wedding.  especially since that’s WHY i made it!!!!  that’ll allow for some nice action shots of it too!

speaking of the wedding this saturday, we STILL haven’t gotten a wedding gift for the happy couple.  hopefully we can smash our heads together and i can get my energy up enough to make a Target run for something.

i’ve really wanted to get back into sewing SOMETHING so i don’t lose my touch.  i keep hearing that the second trimester is supposed to be so much better on so many levels, but i’m not sure if that’ll be how it is for me.

we haven’t done ANY prep work for the baby other than going to our regularly scheduled doctor visits and taking daily vitamins. i don’t want to buy too many things until after the baby shower; since it’s the first grandchild on both sides we’re banking on getting some awesome baby gifts, but waiting is never fun or easy. when is that “nesting” phase supposed to kick in?

i was also really hoping to continue to stay active after conception, something i’ve definitely, DEFINITELY not done.  ‘they’ say that exercise is supposed to help increase your energy levels, and to that i say “uh, that defies all scientific explanation that i can come up with since you kinda need energy to begin with in order to exercise”.  but, the weather’s been less obnoxious lately, so i’m hoping to restart my couch-to-5k efforts soon. hey, there’s a 5k run/walk this weekend i just might sign up for! if i dont’ walk or run, i could always volunteer to support the event.  and hey, it’s for an awesome cause, check it out:

Turtle Krawl 5k Run/Walk

am i the only one pining for more hours in the day and more energy in my body? how do you get over a feeling of sluggishness (whether pregnancy-induced or not)?

oh and one final random thought: has anyone ever noticed how similar tortilla chips (like tostitos) and saltines are?!? they’re both crunchy, salty, tasty, and made from corn/flour!  i bet that’s why these bite size tostitos are sitting so well in my stomach right now, cuz i’ve tricked it into thinking they’re saltines! AWESOME!

Health: Beget it, Don’t Forget it!

the nice thing about incorporating exercise into your lifestyle is that one healthy act will beget another.

we’ve been working our way through the Couch-to-5k running program since mid-March.  so far it’s been really rewarding.  one of our teammates has lost an entire dress size! everyone is feeling slimmer, more energetic, and happier in general.

during the cooler months, we were meeting up 3 times a week to run together as a group: twice after work during the week, then once on the weekend which would include a fun dinner and some social time.  for the past month or so, though, we’ve been meeting up only once a week due to the heat.  it’s just plain TOO HOT immediately after work to go for a run.  rather than have everyone make extra trips in their evenings during the week, we’ve switched it up and run on our own during the week.  we still meet up once a weekend to have a group run.  it’s great to keep us all motivated (and it’s a great excuse to be social!)

running on our own during the week (without our friends there to hold us accountable if we don’t) has been a challenge in and of itself, though.  should we run before dinner and avoid stomach discomfort? should we run before work and deal with sleep deprivation issues? should we run after dinner when it finally gets cooler after a day in the upper 80s F?

what Tom and i have done lately is run before dinner but have a snack after work.  my biggest problem right now is choosing the RIGHT snack.  if i choose something too greasy, too fatty, or too heavy, i end up running like a beached whale: just sort of flopping along until my body seems to beat itself into submission.

so here’s where the begetting comes in: our running has caused us to be healthier snackers!  after some experimentation, we’ve settled on a few snacks for the time after work and before running that do just enough to stave my hunger for the duration of the run.

during the experiment phase what really sucked were those larger “snacks” which, instead of having my hunger be satisfied for an hour or two, held off my hunger until JUST before bedtime: about 8:30-9pm.  boo.

so here’s what our after work, go-to, run-day snacks are:

berry lemonade smoothie:

throw half a frozen banana (chopped into small-ish chunks) and 6-9 frozen strawberries (chopped into small-ish chunks) into your blender.   then add raspberry lemonade until your frozen fruit is just about covered. blend until smoooooooth.  enjoy.  makes a decent snack for about 1 person or a small snack for two people.

tuna salad salad:

a plain old salad with lettuce, croutons, and dressing isn’t quite enough to hold hunger at bay for 1.5-2 hours.  so we mix up a can of tuna with about a 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon spicy mustard and couple (2) tablespoons light miracle whip and dollop it on top of our iceberg.

while these snack options are all well and good, i think this poster idea is the best thing since sliced bread for encouraging a healthy diet:  it’s an “apple a day” calendar!

Apple-a-Day Calendar by VikDesign on Etsy

the added bonus is that really you could really use ANY fruit sticker. i’m a big fan of the mantra “everything in moderation” and i’m also a little ADD sometimes so i’m thinking a whole year of only apples would get a little boring.

plus, with different fruit you get different stickers!  i’m not gonna lie: i am a little crazy when it comes to my fruit stickers. in fact, sometimes i “borrow” them off of fruit at the grocery store.  i usually try to take only from the double-stickered fruit or from the numerous stickers that lie in the bottom of the trays which lost their grip on their respective fruit flesh.  i just love the variety and the colors!

it’s the little things that make me smile biggest.  i can’t help it.  do you have a fruit sticker fettish too, or am i alone on that one?  what little things make you smile?  what are your go-to healthy snacks?  share! share!